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Chimney Sheep - 28 ins x 14 ins Rectangular

Chimney Sheep - 28 ins x 14 ins Rectangular

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Chimney SheepTM is a very efficient up draught excluder (draft stopper) for chimneys. The material is natural wool that is made into a thick felt from which are cut round or rectangular chimney draught excluders.

It is the invention of Sally Phillips who found a use for the abundance of wool from the sheep of the Cumbrian and Lake District hills.

Of all the draught-proofing measures you can deploy, insulating the chimney is probably the quickest, easiest, and shortest pay back of all and a recent study by the University of Liverpool demonstrated that the Chimney SheepTM saves an average of 4% of household heat per chimney. That's about £64 per year indicating that a Chimney Sheep can pay for itself within a few months.


To fix the Chimney SheepTM draft stopper push the wool head into the narrow part of the flue. It may need to be gently pulled to ensure a good fit.

To remove the Chimney SheepTM pull gently in case there is any debris collected on it that has fallen down the chimney.

The Chimney SheepTM comes with a 150mm (6") handle and 150mm (6") extension rod. If the distance to the throat of the chimney looks like more than 1 ft , order an extra extension rod. It's very important that the handle is long enough - firstly because it's a lot easier to put in, and secondly the end of the handle must show in the fireplace so that no-one inadvertently lights a fire with the draught excluder in place.

How to Determine the Size You Need

To choose a Chimney SheepTM measure the size of the throat of the chimney and choose a Chimney SheepTM the next size up. The sheep works by being a little bit bigger than the flue so it can grip onto the sides and hold itself in place. The amount of overlap doesn't matter too much as the felt is squashy and can fit into a range of gaps.


  • Rectangular - 28 ins x 14 in

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